From 25 to 30 January 2016, 9 Education Volunteers, who are supporting the school teachers in Budhpura, and 2 Community Facilitators, who motivate parents in Budhpura to send their children to school, attended a training on interactive and child-friendly teaching and learning methods. They observed the teaching and learning activities at a Residential Learning Camp for out of school children and participated in training sessions on activity based learning, child friendly behavior of teachers and using local materials in the learning process. The training was facilitated by Seva Mandir, a NGO, based in Udaipur, with long-term experience and knowledge in education. This capacity building event will help in creating a more child friendly education environment in the project area where Manjari is working towards ‘child labour free zones’.

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Manjari is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Rajasthan, India. Manjari is supporting the cause of women’s and children’s development.

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