The Unsung Heroes Behind Child Labour Free Zones

Hello, I’m Steven Walley, managing director of London Stone.  I recently returned from a trip to Budhpura where I met some of the driving forces behind the project we are supporting to create child labour free zones in Budhpura. The project to create child labour free zones in Budhpura enjoys wide ranging support from a […]

The NGO playing a central role in eradicating Child Labour in Budhpura

Hello, My name is Steven Walley, I’m the Managing Director of London Stone, a UK based natural stone importer and supplier. No Child Left Behind is a 6 part blog series, written to educate and inform the industry about the root causes of child labour in the Indian Sandstone industry.  The blog also aims to […]

Creating Child Labour Free Zones: A tough but rewarding journey.

Hello, my name is Bram Callewier, Director at, a natural stone importer.  Welcome to the first part of a 6 part blog series where we talk about child labour in the stone industry.  Everyone involved in natural stone will have heard about how children are involved in its production.  The truth is that yes, they […]