Embroidery Courses Empowering the Women of Budhpura

Manjari have just organised 5 days stitching training for a group of 20 local young women and girls.  The stitching training was carried out at the Manjari headquarters in Budhpura .

The feedback for the participants was that they enjoyed the training and are very keen to learn more.  The participants have been asked to practice the skills that they have learnt in preparation for some advanced stitching training which is again to be organised by the Manajri team.

This kind of vocational training is never going to make the participants rich but it plays a huge role in empowering the women of Budhpura to play a more active role in the community and gives them more control over the future of their own families.  Women have a huge role to play in eradicating child labour in Budhpura and giving them a career option away from the quarries is integral to this process.

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